Gnome 3.38 issues fixed?

Is it safe to turn updates back on?

From all the past disasters I recommend to never use auto update and be prepared for the next crash after any update, as CL does not validate updates on real metal test machines.

I’m not complaining or being passive aggressive or anything. The risk goes without saying. The question is legit curiosity because I want to get back to using CL.

I actually never turned them off.

I happened to have some issue but since it everything is peachy.

Some of my gnome shell extensions have disintegrated, yeah… But I’m not sure this is a CL issue.

Reboots didn’t do it for me, so I had to return to Kubuntu at work, and basically stopped using CL on my PC. I had already finished with it by the time I saw the recommendations to rollback the updates.

Something that’s still broken is Nautilus’ Open in Terminal. It doesn’t work at all.
Another thing I noticed was that the CL download page is still downloading the 33590 snapshot (the one I installed and was broken) instead of 33850. I booted it, checked for the latest version, and manually changed the URL to download the latest version.

I’ve been using since yesterday, and I’m yet to have issues other than the mentioned above.

the “open in terminal” issue is actually the default behavior for Nautilus.
You can “fix it” in settings.