Gnome Boxes fails to start any VMs

Using the Gnome Boxes from the Clear Linux bundle, any VM I create fails on start with the error:

Unable to start domain: unsupported configuration: this QEMU binary lacks smartcard passthrough mode support.

I’ve tried with a couple of VMs Boxes can automatically download (eg. Ubuntu server) as well as creating my own with the intention of installing Windows 10. Same result in each case.

Looks like an issue but you should report it on github

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When you do, you can mention that qemu needs to be built with libcacard to enable the support Index of /download/libcacard

Will probably make it faster for the fix

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Thx, will do. For my immediate purposes I’ve gone with KVM w/virt-manager which does what I need for now.

Same problem is here. Also can’t run Oracle VirtualBox due to lacking some kernel packages.

Also get what I need with KVM/QEMU with virt-manager. What are benefits of gnome-boxes vs virt-manager? They are both GUI front ends to KVM. Is gnome-boxes provide better UI?

Boxes is considered to have a simpler interface and feature set compared to virt-manager.

Yes, boxes are a bit simpler. But what I found - on boxes I can’t setup number of virtual CPU per VM. Am I missing something? Anyway, I am back to virt-manager.

Gnome-boxes should be working in 1-2 working days. All the fixes needed (libcacard, qemu) are now in.