Gnome boxes wont work

i click on my vm to start but it says " (vm name) failed to start" heres the troubleshooting log

This solution worked for me Cannot run Gnome Boxes, simply do sudo usermod -a -G kvm $USER.

did it and rebooted.didnt work

Did you install the flatpak or the bundle?
I installed Boxes a few months ago, but I remember I had issues with the bundle first and then with the flatpak. I think, what I ended up doing was: install bundle, remove bundle, install flatpak, remove flatpak, install bundle, and it worked :laughing:
I never looked at what was the reason that it worked the second time I installed the bundle.
Anyway, it may worth a try if you are out of options. Also, it could be your virtual machine configuration and not related to the installation of Boxes.

it works. even the flatpak.

try it again .

& check:

grep kvm /etc/group