Hardware Printing Broken in 31440

Dear All,

does anyone else have broken HP printers in 31440 ( HP envy 4257 )

Clear-Linux has stopped printing after the last update



I solved by installing ghostscript.
swupd bundle-add ghostscript

Ghostscript should be included by default in the desktop bundle, but in the latest version it disappeared from my system…
So i decided to manually install it and now everything works

Interesting. I did move ghostscript into a separate bundle, but, everything that depended on it should have automatically received it through dependencies.

I had issue before 31440 (HP DeskJet 3720-use 3700 all-in one seris driver).
First i install ghostscript but the issue remain,now all work,i use Generic IPP Everywhere driver.
Before with both driver (generic and 3700 series) i have issue.
I install driver trough cups because in gnome settings I not fund my network printer.


I do enjoy the interaction and teamwork when I find bugs and problems

Thank you guys will test out when I return from work

Thank you very much

Yes when I removed it.

I went to install it, and kde could find it again

In fact the printer control panel did not do much at all

And “hp-setup -i” could not find the printer either

Hope the info helps

confirmed installed fixed the printing issue for me

thank you
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installed ghostscript

would help if I finished the sentence

Thanks Guys
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Perhaps the ghostscript bundle should be a hard include (rather than also-add) in the hardware-printing bundle to ensure it is always there as many printers will want it in some way.

I agree. It worth being conservative for hardware related bundles.