How to access files in my onedrive from clear linux? (dual boot)

I dual boot clear linux with windows 10.

I have a 1 TB onedrive folder synced from windows.
I need to access those files from clear linux.
How can i do it?

didn’t work for me.

The howto you link have nothing to do with onedrive, instead, it just mounts the NTFS filesystem.

rclone can manage onedrive properly, perhaps that is a good solution for your use case (as it actually syncs properly, instead of directly accessing a possibly stale copy of the data).

ntfs-g3 may also help with accessing the local filesystem. It’s in the storage-utils bundle.

You will also have issues accessing if your Windows partition is encrypted with bitlocker which would require even more tools. Building on what was already said, you can install rclone with sudo swupd bundle-add rclone and you can read more about how to sync with onedrive here. I just searched for this article but have not tried it myself on Clear Linux. Try it out and let us know if it works for you. I think others could benefit from that.

i have no bitlocker.

rclone would be the option but i don’t want to keep my around 600GB of file at 2 location in my limited space harddisk.

only option for me is at every shutdown of my windows 10 i unlink my onedrive and it becomes accessible from clear linux.

i don’t use bitlocker.