How to add resolution to xrandr or nvidia xconf of second monitor?

I have two monitors for my system running clear Linux, both the monitors are of the same company and have the same specification, one of the monitors is connected through DVI to VGA converter plug. Resolution in the first monitor in good but in the second one a lower resolution is coming (1600x900) and cannot find the actually required resolution(1920x1080).
I tried to create and add using xrandr but no luck. Please let me know of any working solution.

You can use Gnome settings if you are in Gnome DE.


I could not open settings after an update. whenever I click settings cursor keeps waiting and nothing happens later. one of my colleague has similar issue with opening terminal (he could open settings but not terminal) is this bug?

Which Clear Linux version are you using? I had saw that error (can’t launch the gnome display setting) long time ago. However if you have known-to-work xorg.conf file, that should work by adding that xorg.conf to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/. I used to force the screen resolution that way. :slight_smile:

I am on Clear Linux OS Version 29520 with kernel version 5.0.17-765. any solution to resolve cant open settings/terminal?
I don’t have known to work xorg file for resolution issue.