How to burn a DVD using Clear Linux_

Dear friends,
I am new user. i am not familiar with Clear OS.
I wish to know which software I should use to burn DVD. In other version of Linux I usually use K3b and Brasero, but I can not find this application for Clear OS.

Thanks a lot

  1. Find a open source software that can burn DVDs.
  2. Build it from source.


Give up and use other OS.

Never give up!
Thanks a lot for your advise. I am afraid I am not able to do this. I am not a programmer. I wish some merciful person will help all of us.
Thanks a lot dear Mr. Lucius Hu

Dear Mr. Businux,

thanks a lot. I will try as soon as possible your options.
I hope I will be able to do that, with my poor skill.
Thanks for your help!

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