How to create your own images - notes

I’ve had several questions and was wondering myself how to do this, and I couldn’t find a good place that writes it all out in a relatively short but easy to follow way - hence this thread. If anyone has any useful additions or questions, please add to the thread.

  1. download and build clr-installer:

$ git clone

This is a golang project. You’ll need to install the needed go related bundles to build it.

$ make

This should just work if you have the required development bundles. It shouldn’t take very long. After that you can find the compiled binary under .gopath/bin. You can sudo make install this but you can also just run it locally.

Next, find a suitable template file under scripts, like live.yaml and copy and modify it, then pass it to the binary:

$ sudo .gopath/bin/clr-installer -c scripts/live.yaml --iso

Out comes live.iso - which should be ready to boot e.g. into gnome-boxes.