Installing .deb applications on clear linux


I’m new linux user, I choosed clear linux as my first distro. I want to know how to install .deb and .tar.gz programs on clear linux…

Why in terminal I have clr-a04c8d5880764dc3a175c1542f625565: Screenshot from 2020-11-30 14-11-05

And Can I set icons on desktop?

The CLR name is your computer name, which you can change. Deb files can be unpacked and installed manually. Tar files you can extract by right clicking on them or use a command line. You can use the GNOME desktop like on any other distro and extend functionality with extentions.

Thanks, I saw dpkg command to install .deb programs, but terminal gives me: dpkg: command not found
The command dpkg is not available, consider using: swupd. I need to install .deb program with swupd command?

Debs are just xz or zip files. If you’re lucky, simply extracting the files and placing them in the right places could do the trick.

Not to discourage you but Clear is a great OS once you get the hang of things in the Linux world. I’d recommend looking at other options as your first distro.

If you’re looking to use Clear longer term there is going to be a high chance you’ll have to compile things from source and then you’ll be dealing with missing/incompatible libraries. A distro more geared towards desktop usage and first timers will likely save you all these troubles.


Welcome to ClearLinux :).

First things first. *.deb packages are made for Debian based distros, like Debian itself, ubuntu and a lot more out there. As said before by other users, if you are felling lucky, you can unpackage and install it. *.tar.gz are usually source codes for the package that you have to compile it yourself. There should be a manual by the devs explaning hou to do it.

I advise you to do the above only if there is no other opition. First try to use “swupd search package” to check if the package is in the repository. Or you can try flathub, it is also a great opition in CL.

About the icons on desktop, maybe you can set them via a gnome extension or something. But I really advise you to learn how to use the Gnome workfflow as thought by the devs. It is really productive.


In brief, ar + tar.

But the thing is CL use different directories and simply “tar” probably won’t work.