How to enable ZRam

Hey. I’ve been looking for fast linux distro and it seems like clearlinux is the best i’ve found so far.

The only thing i don’t get is how to enable and customize zram and make it high priority? I tried searching on internet already but i was not able to find anything related to that subject about clearlinux.

And i would apperciate any help :slight_smile:

Hey, I don’t know your level of experience, and zram is not distro dependent. It’s integrated with the kernel level. Here is a link to

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Hey! Thank you for your response, but i’m not really comfortable with linux and i don’t think that i’m able to do that just by myself.

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You are welcome, if you are looking to learn how to config you can use that guide, YouTube and join a dev community for support. Also some guys here would most likely help.

Maybe it will help you or someone else, I use this repo to setup zram swap on ClearLinux. It works fine since as said above, it is kernel-level feature and not that really disto dependent.

The instructions in the repo work as is, just make sure you have git locally with swupd bundle-add git and after the service is run, check the swaps with cat /proc/swaps

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