How to force remove one application?

For example when “sudo swupd bundle-remove devpkg-libinput”
It gives me a solution with ‘–force’ option but It will eventually delete others(bundles) too…

Since in other distros when I delete libinput they just erase for me without any problem.

So there must be any link between other applications; is there an option that I can remove this pkg without seeing this ?

[Warning: The --force option was used, the specified bundle and all bundles that require it will be removed from the system]

there’s no way to remove a bundle without removing bundles that depend on it.

several options:

  • If you do believe a package should be separated from a bundle, open a request on GitHub
  • build the package manually
  • use other distro

Thank you for your answer :smiley:

I have one more question is that, if there is a way to change libinput to evdev?


what do you mean by changing?