Exclude packages from downloading?

Hello. Is there a way to avoid specific packages from being downloaded when installing a bundle? For instance, the Games bundle contains supertuxkart and minetest, which I clearly do not need.

If that’s not possible, what about a way to individually delete said packages?

Thank you.

All the bundles listed can be removed that are included via also-add on the installed packaegs list. So you can do

sudo swupd bundle-remove extremetuxracer minetest supertuxkart flare lutris scummvm

to remove extra added bundles from games you don’t want. However, don’t remove bundles you still want installed.

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Thank you. I was hoping there would be a way to install specific packages (I wanted to use vulkaninfo and I had to download a whole 2GB bundle for it - found a GUI for it only afterwards), but the method you described will do too.

sudo swupd bundle-add --skip-optional <bundles>
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