Remove unreferenced bundles


I noticed that if I install a bundle then remove that bundle, it doesn’t remove anything that the bundle required.

For example, install the bundle “os-clr-on-clr” then remove it like “swupd bundle-remove os-clr-on-clr” and everything that it installed as a requirement is still there.

Basically, is there a way to find installed packages/bundles that were installed as a requirement for another bundle and remove them? Obviously, it might not be a good idea to remove a package that was required, but the user had installed manually.

There are options available that can be passed to the swupd bundle-remove command

   -x, --force            Removes a bundle along with all the bundles that depend on it
   -R, --recursive        Removes a bundle and its dependencies recursively
   --orphans              Removes all orphaned bundles
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