Swupd history or snapshot feature

Does swupd have a history or snapshot feature for rolling back?

I installed desktop-kde-apps and desktop-kde.

Dislike KDE more than I dislike Gnome, so I removed those two bundles, but other items such as digikam, yakuake, akonodi,etc still remain.


Unfortunately swupd doesn’t currently have the ability to recursively remove bundles that were included as part of adding another bundle. You can see the conversation and +1 the issue here: https://github.com/clearlinux/swupd-client/issues/455

In the meantime, you can see the contents of the desktop-kde bundle with:cat /usr/share/clr-bundles/desktop-kde and there are a couple swupd bundle-list options which can help identify bundles that can be removed:

   -d, --deps=[BUNDLE]     List bundles included by BUNDLE
   -D, --has-dep=[BUNDLE]  List dependency tree of all bundles which have BUNDLE as a dependency

Thanks, I’ve manually removed the unnecessary bundles.

clr-bundles has a utility app that generates a dependency graph of all the bundles currently available.
Is it possible to have a script that only shows the dependencies of installed bundles on the current system?
And actually, dependency graph maybe an overkill. If I can have the result of topological sort of the installed bundles in terms of the number of packages depends on them, then I at least needs to know which bundle I shall try to remove first.

A bit delayed, but I put in a feature request for this very thing on GitHub:

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