How to install Bitwig studio on Clear Linux

I was attempting to build this flatpak:

First issue:
Can’t use the --install-deps-from=flathub flag for flatpak-builder in the Makefile I think because these deps are installed by clear linux?

So run these commands instead:
flatpak-builder --force-clean -v build com.bitwig.BitwigStudio.yaml
flatpak-builder --force-clean -v --repo=repo repo-build com.bitwig.BitwigStudio.yaml

Second issue:
We get the error:
Can’t find source path /etc/ No such file or directory
This can be solved with:
sudo ln -snf /var/cache/ldconfig/ /etc/

I don’t know if there is a better way of solving the above.

Third issue:
Couldn’t get jack to work and worked around it by making an empty jack-config file:
touch ~/.BitwigStudio/jack-config

We need to install the flatpak so run:
flatpak-builder --user --install --force-clean build com.bitwig.BitwigStudio.yaml

Should now be available as an app for you to start.


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Interesting problems - I wonder if the wrong SDK’s are being used here in the yaml file during build - I’ve build some flatpak’s myself and never had to do the changes you had to do.

Is there a reason this isn’t on flathub? They are very happy accepting projects like this.