How to re-do the efi entry of clearlinux?

i dual boot clearlinux with popos 20.04.
during the installation of popos 20.04 i formated by mistake EFI partition(CLR_BOOT) and installed pop os with systemd-boot over it.

How to recover/re-do the entry of clearlinux?

Just boot from the live desktop iso and go into gparted by selecting custom partitions (or select pertitions>custom installation) and keep all of your partitions the same except delete the efi (or just create another seperate one for Clear if you have room). Add vfat partition about 150m label it CLEAR_BOOT. If you don’t have room for two efi or you just want a maintenance challenge (I usually designate separate efis for each os) and your pop os efi is large enough, just try labeling it CLEAR_BOOT and let the installer run.

If you delete the existing efi make the new one about 500 m and you will have to re run pop is installer.

I’m sorry this answer isn’t formatted better. I’m on my tablet.


Thanks for the writeup.

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clearlinux CLR_ROOT has all the / files
how to create a CLR_BOOT and manage configuration to handle the efi config for clearlinux?

You just need to create a CLEAR_BOOT efi. Change the label for the other. When installer askes for user give your original username. Let the installer run. It will rebuild the efi. Reboot then whichever one comes up, follow respective documentation to add boot entry for the other.Clear Linux Boot loader will load CLR_ROOT automagically.