How to take screenshot of AN AREA WITH right click option displayed

I did the following “full screenshot” to capture what is displayed on right click over nazar.gpg file.

due to fullscreenshot it is capturing all the unnecessary info which i was not planning for it.

I cannot however take screenshot with right mouse click followed by Ctrl+Shift+print to do the same. when i press the hotkey combination the right click option vanishes.

Open gnome-screenshot, set a timer, right click, then edit the screenshot image if you need.


i want this function with area to grab

Gnome screenshot cannot do that. I’m not aware of any alternatives that can do this.

ImageMagick’s import can do this, but I think it’s broken on Wayland based sessions.

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in windows greenshot can do it without delay.

waiting for flameshot too- so that i can raise issue in that if it is not capable of it.

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You can build it and try. It doesn’t have many dependencies and should be easy to build.