Lost Apps in KDE session

My Computer has just received a system update Im using the KDE session and now I have lost apps
and even the ability to just click documents and them to open in the default application.

kinda made the OS unusable, Please advise how I can get KDE to see the Apps on my computer
see attached screen grab


It’s possible that due to system updates, previously these where pulled in as a dependency but now they are no longer. I would suggest using gnome-software and finding the applications, and reinstalling them (if they are no longer installed).

Alternatively, you can use swupd from the command line.

To see what happened, use sudo journalctl -u swupd-update to view the past few logs from the updater.


Thanks for the reply

The applications are still there

It’s just the fact that you can’t search for them and for example

If I click a jpg the os does not know how to open it

And when the application list pops ups To choose an app it’s empty

This is clearly a bug due to an update

Can reproduce as I have a clone that I can restore too and once the update is complete

I loose easy access to the apps

I hope this helps

I was choosing KDE over Gnome as

As KDE has a tool bar over Gnomes dock

And KDE preview of jpgs work and in gnome I get no preview

(Work a lot with images )

Then there is a serious bug somewhere. Which applications did you “lose” ?

If you go to the all application menu

You see none :slight_smile:

And you can see from the screen grab

The recent menu is only showing two apps

@anselmolsm can you reproduce this?

Yes, I experienced this earlier this week.
A workaround for now is (you may want to backup your curent ~/.config/menus/applications.menu file first):

cp /usr/share/xdg/applications.menu ~/.config/menus/

I’m verifying a proper fix for that (probably in kservice package).

If someone else can reproduce this then

At least I know I was not going crazy

Thank you I will try to look at the config file tonight

Thanks Anselmolsm
confirming “cp /usr/share/xdg/applications.menu ~/.config/menus/”
fixed the issue
The Application.menu was missing from the .comfig/menus folder
Menus has now returned and I can open jpgs and documents from the desktop
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Hi there. Just a quick heads up, the fix will be available in the next days, restoring the default behavior (i.e. no need of ~/.config/menus/applications.menu).

Fix released in 30480.

Thanks Anselmolsm

Confirmed did revert back to an old version and update to the lastest without issue

Thank you

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