CL KDE loses default apps

I found this thread

which clames it to be fix in >30480, however I’m runniung 33000 with updates disabled…
But I’m not quite sure it my issue is the same - my startmenu is fine everything is where it should be but any file ask me, with what programm i like to openen it an shows me the empty app list

Works fine after installation, but maybe flathub breaks it?

Its just annoying…

trying to open a pdf, but happens with all filetypes

can you update to latest is version?
33000 was released in May

I dont want gcc10 so 33070 is my max, however i can test the newest Version.
Pretty sure it also happens there

you can still have gcc9 in latest OS

yes I know, but i have to run cuda and compile custom tensorflow versions you would go insane atleast I do, so I cannot see any advantage to have gcc10, just failed compiles and more stupid issues. However I’m sure I’ve saw this behavior with newer versions

FYI even gcc9 is not the supported version for CUDA.


CUDA 11 doesn’t work with tensor flow

explain this ;D

Link doesnt work however

It is nightly.
The stable Tensor flow requires CUDA 10.1 which doesn’t work with gcc 9