KDE Plasma 6 problems

The latest update (41270) updated to KDE Plasma 6. Unfortunately, the system is barely usable now. SDDM doesn’t work, the application menu has no entries, lots of other glitches. I was able to use Plasma 6 on Arch Linux, but not Clear Linux. I even rolled back to 41260 and it’s still Plasma 6. Trying 41250 now to go back to Plasma 5. I needed to use GDM instead of SDDM to log in. Takes a long time from log in to when the desktop appears.

Anyone else got their Clear Linux KDE desktop under Plasma 6 to work? How?

update: rolling back does NOT work to go back to Plasma 5.

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Unfortunately yeah, after the latest upgrade on Clear Linux, KDE was upgraded to KDE 6. I can still log in to KDE but KDE shows no applications in the menus – completely empty. I can however run apps from the command line and via ALT-F2 input dialog. I tried replacing home folder to see if that would make a difference but notta. Also, regarding your SDDM/GDM issue, I can’t help there as I don’t use either. I login manually via command line using dbus-run-session -- startplasma-wayland

Also, I use distrobox inside the same machine running fedora-rawhide KDE 6 also, and it’s not affected.


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I had an older TimeShift backup that I restored. I can use that for a while without updating anything. Hopefully this gets sorted out in CL. I hope others can contribute to this thread. I think a lot of the problems may be associated with configuration settings. I was able to get Plasma 6 working fine in Arch, Tumbleweed, KaOS, and KDENeon but not CL.

seems to me that all file mime associations are missing, strictly only on KDE 6 update. This makes Dolphin pretty useless.

Under the hood, the latest update to ClearLinux works just fine — all file mime associations are there. – just KDE 6 is messed up somehow.

But, as I mentioned in the previous thread, you can run apps in KDE via konsole, which i’m currently doing, And waiting like you for an update/fix

Maybe I’ll post this as a bug on Github. Nothing but crickets from the devs here.

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I see some evidence of a mimetype having issues in the journal with a log of:

kf.service.services: KApplicationTrader: mimeType "x-scheme-handler/http" not found

is that what you are referring to?

I don’t see an obvious problem in the settings though for this.

Ah I think we may have figured it out. Missing some xdg files. We’ll see if that resolves this issue. I don’t see sddm problems so I can’t really comment on that unfortunately. Please do open issues on github though either way as I track those a little more than the forum.


OK thanks. I’ll give it a try again but I’m going to wait a while. I’d like for someone to relate how they got SDDM to work. I followed what is says to do in the Arch Linux Wiki, but it didn’t work for CL.

we’ve made a ton of progress today, the 41300 release has the menus etc all working again as well as icons and most other things, and so far in my own testing it is working quite ok
(plasma wayland).

There’s a few minor nits (the wifi/network widget is not happy yet) that we’ll work through next

SDDM as a whole is not happy on my test machine as it somehow likes to pop up a 30" on screen keyboard for a non-touch screen. but I doubt that that is new

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thunar works in place of dolphin for the meantime … in case you need a file browser :smile:

Concerning the mimetypes, i was just going on a hunch as dolphin was showing empty for the open with dialogue prompt, and in kde settings file associations was empty. Thanks for checking the logs!

Can you post the github address for me? I would like to follow the progress

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also you can get the release with

swupd update --format staging

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just updated with swupd update --format staging and working like before. :smiley: :tada:

What does this command do?

Never mind, got it thanks!

Problems shown in 2 attached photos after installing 41300. The Notifications and Networks widgets are broken (they look like Plasma 5 widgets from the icons).

I’m using the Breeze and Breeze Dark themes (Breeze theme for SDDM). I suspect the themes are missing some items. The Maldives SDDM theme works without those error messages.

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Release 41350 fixed the widget problem (thanks!), but the SDDM Breeze theme is still busted.

If you’re still seeing issues, please enter a bug against the distribution in github. I don’t see anything flagged up there right now.


Done. See the Clear Linux GitHub issues page. SDDM Breeze Theme Shows Errors · Issue #3084 · clearlinux/distribution (github.com)

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