I really don't want to sound rude, but it may be unavoidable

Is Clear Linux a joke operating system, you know, like that thread that pops up on various boards from time to time about the benefits of downloading RAM as opposed to driving to the PC shop or clicking new egg, I mean there is an absurd number of problems people are having, and they’re simple fixes for them but the fixes are not working. Really people, If the kids from the local high school A//V club can cobble together a working distro, that installs on computers easily! There are thousands of distro, literally, that if you put the live USB and a laptop loosely in a box and drop it from a roof when it hits the ground it’s installed configured and ready for what the heck ever, come on Clear, get it together. I say this because there is huge potential in Clear, it could be the one to take down the big players, if it doesn’t get derailed by the Clear itself.

Perhaps Clear Linux is not targeted to your use case? Clear linux works excellently for me and my use case so far.

Clear also has a great community where suggestions and submissions from regular people like myself are listened to and can have an actual impact. If you see a problem, why don’t you help to make it better? That’s how Open Source software is supposed to work.


They can’t solve all problems with limited resources obviously.

If you use Gnome and Wayland, you’ll have less problems and if you do, they’ll be solved more expeditiously, as that’s what the devs use.


As a headless server OS for running containers, Clear Linux is awesome. Unattended upgrades, fast reboots, easy package management – I’m hooked!

One problem in the last four years that was overcome by reverting to a known good Clear version and then skipping a Clear version that was causing the issue. That’s a pretty good record in my books.


I’m sorry, but both if us seem to be the target/butt of someone’s cowardess, I have not joined the clear Linux forum, but I have used Clear, I really like it, I have had very little problem with it, nothing 30 seconds of research didn’t remedy, but, it seems someone was frustrated with it, boy they ripped you guys a super wide 20-21 I’m sorry but I don’t know, since I discovered this I have spent a lot of time tracing and hardening (I really hate pen testing for myself)

Also plz leave that acct alone, maybe you can monitor it, I really would like to know this ass.

If kids can cobble together a Linux as performant as Clear Linux, please let me know where they reside. In the last 5 years most of the mainstream distros still havent overcome its performance. Complaining about something that is free for you to use is one thing, but Clear grows through technical contributions from its community. You are absolutely available to contribute your solutions for it at anytime.

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Do you mind if I ask what your use case is?

Listen, I told y’all I didn’t put that post up don’t know who did I just don’t really care but please quit emailing me and telling me how great clear it is it’s not bad I’ve tried it but all this back lash beginning to get on my nerves


Yup! As a server, it’s performing well for me

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