I5-2300 would it work?

i want to switch to linux and i have an i5 2300,would clear linux work on it? i read it has AES so it should work just fine but i am not sure

You could test your system before downloading Clear Linux, see this article:

Also, you could download the Clear Linux install file and create a bootable USB, and see how the Live version works on your system.

Visit the Downloads page, the Installation Guide is there, as well as instructions on how to test Clear Linux before installing.

Should be totally fine. I suggest booting the live desktop iso image, because, if that boots in UEFI mode, you’re good to go.

alright so i am installing it,is it normal that it’s stuck on verifying files integrity for a while now?

Yes, it’s basically running checksums on the ~2G of files, so depending on the speed of your system, and storage media, could take a while.

Did it work?