Clear Linux Not Booting (AES on E5 v3)

I am trying to install Clear Linux on a server with dual E5-2643 v3 CPUs. But, I am unable to boot because of an error related to AES instruction set, which I do not understand, because I thought the CPU does indeed support the AES instruction set.

I am installing from USB:

@rdas, we recently removed the requirement for AES. Please download the latest clear-live-server.iso and try it with that latest version of the installer.

Thank you, and I will try that. Nevertheless, I find it curious that I got this error message, given my understanding that E5 v3 CPUs support AES. Has the AES instruction set changed since then?

Not that I’m aware of. If you run

cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep aes

it should print out the cpu flags for each cpu and show whether the cpu supports AES or not. You can try that if you boot to a live image

This is a really old image - Your system is fine, but you’ll have to download a much more recent image to avoid this warning.

You should also check your BIOS configuration to see if it has an option to disable AES, e.g. “Processor AES-NI Support”.