Check processor and EFI firmware compatibility

I am currently running MX Linux on an HP Chromebook 14. I downloaded and ran the script. It gives the following output:

$ ./ host
Checking if host is capable of running Clear Linux* OS

SUCCESS: 64-bit CPU (lm)
SUCCESS: Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (ssse3)
SUCCESS: Streaming SIMD Extensions v4.1 (sse4_1)
SUCCESS: Streaming SIMD Extensions v4.2 (sse4_2)
FAIL: Advanced Encryption Standard instruction set (aes)

Does this indicate that I will not be able to run Clear Linux* ?

Correct. AES is currently a requirement however there is discussion on loosening the requirement here:

Yep, I found out the old-fashioned way. I created a bootable USB and the boot failed.

Just checking back. Has this been lifted from the installer yet?

The still fails me for aes.


@encrypted - see How can we improve our installation experience?

I should point out, booting from CD-ROM even if your system supports EFI it will fail with this script. The script relies on the fact you did in fact boot successfully via a full EFI experience (ala the USB boot), So this is kinda of a misnomer, in reality if you can boot with the USB stick, you should work, if you can’t, well there you go.

I think the CD-ROM option should make it clear (lol) that it is NOT for installation but for giving the OS a spin. That may clear up a lot of this.

Or really make the check script be able to test the system not just read the proc tables.