Install failure on Intel UP squared

Hi am trying to install on an Intel UP2 board using the live USB installer. The installer gets to “Verifying staged files” then hangs (mouse and keyboard dead). Have attached photo. Any ideas here ? Have already updated to latest version 5 BIOS.

Cheers Steve

There’s a few log files you can check - I believe it’s clr-installer.log and can be found in /root ?

Trouble is installer crashes system, if I reboot off live USB is an empty /root as I guess live installer does not persist back to USB file system.

Ran tail on installer log in terminal window while installer was running. Last log entry before system
hang was:

currentStep 5
totalSteps 9
stepCompletion 87
stepDescription validate_fullfiles

Interestingly if you do this several times seems to crash at different points, current step is always 5
but step completion varies.

I would suggest trying a memtest86 run as well as a storage device check (e.g. badblocks) to see if there’s anything wrong with the board. @mdhorn any ideas?

The up2 was running Ubuntu without any issues, so suspect hardware is OK. Changed from UI based desktop installer to CLI based server installer image and all has installed fine. Not sure what actual issue was but sorted now :slight_smile: