Install multibootusb on clear linux

Hi, I am beginner on Linux.

I tried to install multibootusb from binary code. I follow the instruction here.
Based on the instruction, I must install these pacakages:
python3-pyqt5, p7zip-full, parted, util-linux, python3-pyudev, mtools, python3-dbus, python3-six.

As per my understanding, Clear Linux using “bundles” not “package”. But I still tried to install with swupd bundle-add [package]
And then, only parted package that I can installed. Other packages I mentioned above are not available.

So, anyone have the solution for this case?

Welcome to the community. You are correct that Clear Linux uses bundles. You can use sudo swupd search <package> to try to find which bundles might be necessary. You can also try sudo swupd search-file <filename> to get more specific recommendations.

You can try with the following but my system already had os-clr-on-clr which is a large inclusive bundle so you might need to add more.

Try the following. python3-basic, desktop-dev, storage-utils, sysadmin-basic That should get you most of the missing dependencies. I did try running the multibootusb GUI from over a VNC connection and got complaints about a missing osdriver is not defined so there is likely more that needs to be done on this. If you go to it is listed to use GRUB2. If you really want to use this tool you would have to follow Method 2 at first and then try to get it to work with multibootusb. If you do this let us know how it goes.

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