Install Virtualization (Virtualbox, VMware) on Clear Linux 2020

Hello guys,

I want to install VirtualBox on Clear Linux Desktop edition. I don’t find any documentation, so i make tutorial :slight_smile:

Before doing this, please check you have already enable virtualization in BIOS, it’s very important. This installation support languages and theme, but they need to be setup before the installation.

I make silent video for example and demonstration :

Commands :

sudo swupd check-update (for update the system)
sudo swupd bundle-add kernel-native-dkms (bundle for virtualization)
sudo swupd bundle-add wget (optionnal but recommanded)
mkdir build && cd build && wget
chmod +x VirtualBox*.run && ./VirtualBox*.run (make executable and install package)
sudo /sbin/vboxconfig (add virtualization modules to the kernel by compiling)
sudo reboot (for reboot the system)

If you need help, respond to this topic and i try to help about this.


To find the latest build package, check here “All Distributions” to get the executable .run :

Thanks nice guide but as now VMware is not working we get this error:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Any idea on where we can get this ??