installation from hard drive

hey guys, I’m in a desperate need of help. i had no removable media so i decided to install clear Linux from my ssd, from an existing Linux, so i spent several hours trying different methods and couldn’t do it, then i just unzipped the iso image into my boot folder deleting everything that grub left there after previous install (Debian) (i know I’m stupid, but i really expected it to work) so now clear Linux doesn’t boot, it says “can’t find installation media, retrying” and after five retries it fails altogether, what do i do? I’ve tried messing with kernel boot parameters to no avail -they don’t seem to influence the boot process as long as i leave only initrd.gz part

Do you have any bootable media (CD of Debian?) with any version Linux on it? Otherwise it will be hard to fix.

meanwhile, someone brought me my USB drives. i didn’t expect this to be resolved so soon, but i think this thread my be left open as a challenge

thank you @xopher_mc for the response