Installing a FOSS Text to Speech program

I am currently trying to install a text-to-speech FOSS: eSpeak program in my Clear Linux.

I couldn’t find any previous thread on this forum so I opened this one and I intend to update my progress in installing a competent T2S. I am no Linux expert at all but I love the OS and Clear Linux seems to be everything I wanted.

Except perhaps that I prefer KDE over GNOME.


You could give Larynx a try.

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I am VERY interested but I haven’t been able to install it. I’m afraid to break something ‘inside’.

CONTEXT: I’ve been a superficial Linux user for years and have successfully taught many others to at least try it. Though I’ve been using Linux in my laptops for years, I’ve remained a Ubuntu (Mint/Neon) user until now. Clear Linux is really fast and it gave new life to my current laptop (Lenovo G50-45). Something I really needed since I’m going through a very rough moment and I can’t buy a new one. I finally got a new job as a Teacher, I plan to use the Text-to-Speech software together with other FOSS to demonstrate my students and colleagues how Linux is THE alternative they need to embrace.

But in this case, the stateless system of Clear Linux is troubling my NooB brain. Any help? I’d like to watch somebody’s videos or channel. I already looked for some power-users on YouTube but any recommendation would be much appreciated!


You can run Larynx in Docker, nothing will break that way.

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Much appreciated but I proved to be too newbie for this OS and this way of installing a program.

I open the GitHub page but I’m in a rush, already behind schedule, and all those commands that I have to complete or understand, just confuse me. For instance, I’ve never used Dockers before.

I’m already using Pop OS. Clear Linux is the fastest I’ve tried (between KDE Neon, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro and now Pop) but I am far from a Developer so this rush is killing my concentration. Thanks anyway!

P.S.: I’ll come back to Larynx because all the reviews I’ve found say it is great but for now, I gotta find an alternative that’s spelled out as if I was a toddler. Appreciated!

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NeoSpeech / Readspeaker offers some great sounding options.

Or you could (temporarily) use a TTS browser plugin.

There are some other good suggestions in this AU thread :