Intel® Smart Sound Technology (input output audio not working)

My audio is not working (Microphone and Speaker ).

Any help is very appreciated please.

Intel® Smart Sound Technology

This is a known issue. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I don’t have access to hardware right now to disposition it and spend the time needed to verify all the needed bits are in place.

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I will move to another linux distro temporarily, but I would very much like to use Clear linux because of its fast booting. I would be very grateful if you could drop me a line when this problem is resolved

Any update regarding this issue?
I am very much looking forward to use Clear Linux. :slight_smile:

I hope coronavirus crisis will end soon.

Not likely to end in 2020.

Sadly speaking, It seems you are right :worried:

I saw few of your post on other threads, if i am not wrong, you also had issue while installing Intel® Smart Sound Technology driver on Clear Linux. Did you manage to fix that if yes how? When i installed Clear Linux on my machine speaker and mic were showing Analog-output nocodec.

It’s not me. I don’t need to install this driver

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