Kontact, Korganizer, Kmail etc

I am trying to get KDEs PIM tools installed and working. I installked the Kontact flatpack. However, I am missing applications that are supposed to be included, such as Korganizer. Also, when I attempt to launch Kmail, it quits with the message:

    The Email program encountered a fatal error and will terminate now.
    The error was:
    Unable to obtain agent type ''.

From the googling I have done, I understand that I should be able to get some useful info from Akonadi Console, but nothing seems to be there. And when I try to read the Akonadi Console Handbook under Help Center, the documentation seems to be missing:

`The file or folder help:akonadiconsole does not exist.`

Edit: It seems that all my help files are missing, so that last part probably isn’t relevant.
Are there other bundles I need to install? Build something myself?

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I strongly recommend you create a github issue for (anything like) this - that way we can track it and see that it is assigned to the right engineer.

About which part should I create the issue? The PIM problems or the missing help docs? Or both?

Both, :slight_smile:

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