Live Desktop Installer can't find SSD

Hi all, I am trying to install CL in a XPS 13 alongside Windows 10.

I can boot from flash disk but the installer can’t find a media to install. Both Safe and Destroy options fail to find a media.

The SSD is a PM981a NVMe Samsung.

Also, the lsblk and df -h only lists the flash disk.

I already looked in the bios a IDE compatibility option, but couln’t find it.

Did anyone have succes installing in a XPS 13?

Edit: Maybe this is important. To boot from the flash disk, I disables Secure boot.

I would try ‘legacy’ instead of ‘uefi’ in the bios.

You should always do this for Linux distro.

CL is not designed for laptop. Though it’s actually not designed for any specific hardwares, laptops are especially annoying as they nearly always require proprietary drivers and firmwares.

But I don’t think your hardware is the reason why it cannot find the installer media.

  • How did you create the live USB?
  • Is it UEFI or legacy?

I created the live USB with etcher, as suggested in the step-by-step.

You mean if the USB is UEFI. I am pretty sure. I didn’t even see an option to change this in etcher and BIOS recognize it as UEFI.

The BIOS is also set to UEFI. I couldn’t find an option for legacy there also.

Another important information. The SATA controller is set to RAID.

Edit: Remove images and information not related to the solution.

As soon as I found out the RAID controller, I was resigned to reinstall windows. However, I used the procedure #2 in

And could change from RAID to AHCI. Everything is working now. It would be nice to have this procedure documented in the CL installation docs.

I must say, the first boot on CL felt like a breeze in the desert.

Thank you @cable and @doct0rHu.

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The answer is that AHCI is the required mode for the device. I assume it’s because the kernel doesn’t support the “RAID” mode for storage devices.

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