"Lock screen" forces hard reset

I alluded to the issues here in this thread.

Multiple times, user A is logged in, steps away. When the session “locks”, there ultimately is no ability for another person to log in ever.

  1. No one is logged in to console.
  2. User A moves mouse and logs in via GDM. User A walks away, screen locks.
  3. User C (who actually was the first user installed) moves mouse, enters password via GDM and is presented with an odd screen saver graphic. The mouse moves but there is limited GUI. Pressing “pause” seems to log user C out.


  1. Fetched user A to unlock screen, gets logged in to expected desktop. Use mouse to log out of their session.
  2. Presented with expected GDM login. User C logs in and expected desktop presents.
  3. Mouse and keyboard are not responsive. Moved mouse to another USB port to see if the change brings functionality back.
  4. ssh in from another computer, su, issue shutdown -h now command.
  5. Computer does not complete shutdown, has non-blinking underline cursor on console.
  6. To have console again, had to hold power button until computer shutdown.

One workaround I can dream up would be to force log out instead of screen lock, but I have no idea how to hack that … or if there’s something else I can do instead.

Any suggestions?

I’ve stumbled upon this a while back, but, I’ve never figured out what is going wrong.

  • Check BIOS updates for your motherboard, and apply if available
  • Switch between Wayland and Xorg, I’ve noticed wayland appears more stable?

OK, I found out the “fail to shutdown” cause… I have a screen process running a server via java. Shutdown was waiting on that to stop and it was hanging. Reattaching to the screen and stopping the process from within it works.

Moving forward: was unable to update BIOS. (vendor download page) When running their afulnx_26_64 binary I get this error message:

Error: Cannot locate kernel source.
e - Error: Kernel source files cannot be found.
Subsequent efforts to make a bootable USB via their DOS package were unsuccessful. It would seem to update the BIOS, I'll need to install windows??

Looking at Wayland, I’m not sure what that entails and saw no clues via a google search. swupd search suggests:
swupd bundle-add x11-server

I’m trying to get work done and trying to get Clear Linux on our desktops wasn’t supposed to be a painful and drawn out process. Any tutorials, guides, or other instruction about wayland?


  • Log out, back to the GDM login.
  • Enter your username
  • click the “cogwheel” icon, select Gnome on Wayland
  • enter your password.