Login issues on fresh install

So I wanted to try Clear Linux. I grabbed the Image 32980-live-server.
Started the live server and called the car-installer.
So far so good everything installs so it seems. After a reboot I tried to login with my newly created user but get the following message (with SSH):

Could not chdir to home directory /home/: Permission denied

When I try to login in on the local terminal I only see a message that there is a kernel update and the machine would like to reboot and then again the login prompt so I assume I get the same message as with SSH.

I then started the live version again and check UID and GID of the directory and the user all are 1000 as expected but still I get a permission denied. What is going on here?
Can some help. Did I miss something in the post installation? Hope the Topic is right.

Did your user account properly get created? It’s good that the files are owned by uid=1000, but, is uid=1000 actually a defined user? i.e., if you type ls -l /home, do you see the numerical value 1000 in the output, or does it show a user name?

As I only can check the values with the live version it shows the numerical values but I check /etc/passwd too and there the user is created and has the same uid and gid. And the home directory is also correct. That’s why I am so confused. I already reinstalled it twice but everytime the same error. Even a second and a third account I created during the third installation show the same behavior.

So I did further digging and chromed into the hard drive from the live cd. As root it seems to have no problems but when I switch user to one of my created users I get the message that said user has no permission execute /bin/bash despite it is set to 755. root can execute it so the file itself seems not to be corrupted.

Apologies for bumping this, I’m having the same exact issue, fresh install, live-server.iso, all default settings with proper required options filled out. Can’t login to the admin account that was created as a part of the installation process. Further debugging shows the following:

Could not chdir to home directory /home/adminusernamehere: Permission denied
/bin/bash: Permission denied

And I can’t login as root as I believe its default disabled.

Any idea what could be the problem / solution?