Lutris Wine Issues

I recently swapped my desktop to using Clear Linux as the sole OS on the machine. This means that I am going through and setting up all the games that I want to play on it. There has been a few issues with some versions of wine that Lutris downloads (specifically lutris-lol-4.20-x86_64) It seems that when wine tries to setup a 32 bit prefix on some versions it calls modify_ldt() which crashes with the following:

modify_ldt: Function not implemented
[1]    5113 segmentation fault (core dumped)  ./wineboot

I did some investigating this and not all versions of Wine have this issue through Lutris. An example of a working wine version through lutris would be lutris-5.2-x86_64. I also saw that some distros can disable this feature with CONFIG_MODIFY_LDT_SYSCALL. I don’t know how to check if CL has this disabled in this way.

If this is something done on purpose to the distro, it should be noted that Lutris install scripts will commonly fail when attempting to use the versions of wine that fail to create prefixes.

There are a lot of other quirks with using CL for gaming, which I can understand as the distro isn’t geared towards it. Most other problems that I have faced could be solved by throwing libraries at the problem. I thought to submit a github issue regarding this, however I decided against it.

Here’s our lutris packaging - as you can see we don’t do anything specific, at all.

I guess I should be more specific. The function call is not to a lutris specific function. It seems to be a kernel call. At least that is my guess based on this man page.

It is not enabled in the kernel

It adds a little overhead and attack surface.