Nautilus Full Text Search Content in Files

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to search for content in my files e.g. TXT or PDF (OCR).

So I installed:

  1. desktop-gnomelibs | Clear Linux* Project
  2. tracker-miners | Clear Linux* Project

After that, I have configured my home/documents directory to be indexed recursive by dconf Editor at /org/freedesktop/tracker/miner/files/index-recursive-directories.

Moreover, I did $ tracker3 reset -sr in my documents directory and checked with $ tracker3 status if the indexing was completed.

But when I try $ tracker3 info file.txt there is no line like 'nie:plainTextContent.
It seems like the extractor is not running.

When I do $ tracker3 extract file.txt there will be no output. Just a blank line. Is that right?

When I do $ tracker3 search file I will get a result. But when I search for the content by $ tracker3 search 'content' there will be no result.
The same when I will use the search bar on top of nautilus, with “Full Text” enabled.

What can I do to be able to index the content of my files to get search result for them?

Thanks a lot!

I’d be interested to hear if you managed to get it going and what your results are.

I tried Fedora out which came with it enabled, it instantly choked on a bad file (an mp3 with odd characters) and sat there grinding until I disabled it.

Be good to know that if it can be tamed and made to work without screwing over performance.


I’ve install and am using ripgrep-all when I need to search contents.

it’s a bit rough but looks like it can be tweaked to do what I need.

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