Need some advice installing alacritty

Hi there,

could some please give me some advice on how to install/compile alacritty.

When running the command

 cargo build --release            master 
   Compiling wayland-sys v0.28.2
   Compiling crossfont v0.1.1
   Compiling cmake v0.1.44
   Compiling syn v1.0.46
   Compiling memchr v2.3.3
error[E0514]: found crate `pkg_config` compiled by an incompatible version of rustc
 --> /home/aarrgh/.cargo/registry/src/
5 |     if pkg_config::Config::new().atleast_version("20.0.14").probe("freetype2").is_ok() {
  |        ^^^^^^^^^^
  = help: please recompile that crate using this compiler (rustc 1.48.0 (7eac88abb 2020-11-16))
  = note: the following crate versions were found:
          crate `pkg_config` compiled by rustc 1.47.0 (18bf6b4f0 2020-10-07): /home/aarrgh/Projekte/alacritty/target/release/deps/libpkg_config-0c77d543276908d3.rlib

How do I:

please recompile that crate using this compiler

localhost -> rustc -V
rustc 1.48.0 (7eac88abb 2020-11-16)

Could someone take me by the hand and guide me please? :slight_smile:

Note that I have devpkg-expat devpkg-freetype devpkg-libxcb devpkg-fontconfig


install rustup and don’t use swupd rust