Need Windows quickly please!

Kid needs to run Adobe’s Premiere Pro for his class. What are my best bets when it comes to running Windows on a CL machine?

  1. What virtual machine is best for CL? Does CL come with any tried and tested virtual machine bundles that can run Windows?
  2. Dual boot: how up-to-date are the CL dual boot tutorials? Anybody tried them out recently?

I, for one, tend to favor #1, but I am also open to #2.

Many thanks!

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KVM-Qemu with Virt-Manager, running tiny11 core.

Install the software bundles kvm-host and virt-manager-gui using swupd:

sudo swupd bundle-add kvm-host virt-manager-gui

Add your userid to the kvm and libvirt groups.

sudo usermod -G kvm -a $USER sudo usermod -G libvirt -a $USER

Enable the libvirtd daemon and reboot the system to complete the process.

sudo systemctl enable libvirtd sudo reboot

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Thanks, I ended up following the dual boot tutorial, and it turns out that it still works! (… at least the part that I was interested in.) Your suggestion, however, is still very useful.

You can still try both solutions… :wink:

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I suspect the tutorials are hideously outdated, but glad to hear that one still works.

I’ve been going through the main website, trying to fix up some of the worst of the broken links. I think it’s in reasonable shape at the top level, but we’ve got some CSS issues on some of the lower level pages… I haven’t looked at the documentation pages at all recently.


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A few tutorials are still up to date.

Tested KVM/CL on different systems (i7 14700 / ryzen 7900) and it works very well.

The latency is much lower than using Virtualbox.

Networking is faster too.

You can run Premiere in Wine, but it is a bit involved.

You lose GPU acceleration unfortunately as Adobe can’t find the specific libraries, so software rendering is the normal. (Which is interesting because games seem to work just fine)

They don’t make it anymore but Premiere Express runs fine in Wine. But you might be better off using a Linux native editor. There are several out there to choose from.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, its either Premiere Pro or bust.