Should I dual boot Clear Linux and Windows 10?

Hi, I have a HP ProDesk 400 G4 SFF desktop with Intel i5-7500 generation processor. Currently, the Operating System is Windows 10 OS with WSL. I’m finding a lot of hindrances while using Docker, rails, or Hardhat for Solidity.

So, I am thinking of having a full Linux installation instead of WSL inside Windows 10. I still wants to use some software that only run in Windows 10 though eg. Photoshop.

Is Clear Linux a good choice for this desktop for Full stack development and also dual boot with Windows 10?

Appreciate your help!

@aboongm , I am not a developer but dual booting windows 11 and Clear Linux without a hassle following the official documentation.

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Running Windows inside of KVM is always an option. (host-passthrough)
Even a GPU passthrough is possible.

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There’s plenty of KVM management tools to choose from.