Install Clear Linux in Windows 10 20H2 Dual boot Problem Fix Please Help


May I know.
How to easy (fail safe) install
Clear Linux and Windows 10 v20H2
Dual boot in
HP Probook 4230s
CPU i3 (2nd gen)
Ram 4gb ddr3 (1333 hz)
HDD (500 GB)
Windows 7 Pro (OEM)

I Try many time to install Clear Linux in Windows10(Already install).
Clear Linux is installed complete
But when I restart laptop.
Only Windows is boot.
Clear Linux is missing every time.
I love Clear Linux because of is it lovey colours and fast working.
But I can’t install perfectly it.
Installing Other Linux OS and Windows in my laptop is OK .Even Windows 11 is perfectly run in my laptop.
Some one help me please.
Thank you very much.
Chan Myae (Myanmar)

Check this out, seems to be well explained and may fix your problem:


Thank you very much.Sir/Madam ,Dapal
Now I can use Clear Linux
By enter
Choose Boot Partition
But I can’t run media player and any video.
I will try again and again to perfect.
Thank you very much for all reply :grinning:

gnome-music (the default music app) and totem (the default video app) does not work in clear linux because grilo, which those apps depend on, are missing from clear linux.

You can install vlc for videos and music:
sudo swupd bundle-add vlc

Or vlc from flathub (which has support for many codecs which the swupd vlc bundle does not support):
flatpak install flathub org.videolan.VLC

You can install audacious for music:
sudo swupd bundle-add audacious

From flathub:
flatpak install flathub org.atheme.audacious

You can also try to open music and videos with your web browser

I use flatpak apps for everything because of codec support.

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When you can, please see, for example:

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Thank You Very Much For Your Teach and Explain Sir/Madam,Cleart
Now I Can Listen Music And Movies From VLC and I Install Google Chrome For Searching.

I can’t try MacOS and Windows 11 in Officaly.
Because my PC too old .
Now i can feeling MacOS and Windows 11 Style Speed and beauty in Clear Linux OS .
Thanks Intel , CL Developer and ALL.


Thank You Very Much For Your Show The Way Sir/Madam,Tiitu
Now I can use Dual Boot Windows 10 and Clear Linux OS.
Windows is perfect working like daily use.
CL OS is little error i got .May be my internet connection is not perfect for CL.
Some Files missing and update have errors.
i will learn for more knowledge.