No Dropbox icon


I installed Dropbox using flatpak:

flatpak install flathub com.dropbox.Client

However upon Dropbox start, there is no icon to configure the Dropbox settings.
The app runs, and downloads everything, but thats not what I need …

Welcome to the forum, André.

Did you install the desktop bundle first ?

sudo swupd bundle-list | grep desktop

sudo swupd bundle-add desktop
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Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, GNOME desktop is fully installed and running fine.

Loading required manifests…
Warning: Bundle “desktop” is already installed, skipping it…
1 bundle was already installed

Another questions is if anyone actually got it working at all ?

Welcome to the forums! :grin: I would suggest checking that you have status icons enabled through gnome. I forget the default setting, but I know they have an option to hide them.

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