Odia unicode font problem in many application

In Odia Unicode fonts normally it merge many characters to create one character. I noticed in many applications it is printing those characters separately. In some application it is printing correctly.

For Example in google chrome it is printing correctly and in ungoogled chrome it is printing wrongly.

Not sure is it a bug or some font settings needed to be done. Please guide. Can share some screen shots if require.

You can check this site for refence in both the browsers: https://khabar.odishatv.in/

you need both the font and application to support unicode ligature.

First I noticed it in Youp for whatsapp. I raised a bug with them. Latter I noticed same thing in many more applications.
Is there any way to solve this problem please? Do you know any font supports indian unicode fonts, I could set somewhere?

This problem is not there in other distros like Manjaro.