Open a port on server instance. Firewall?

I’m used to Ubuntu systems in which case in the past I’ve used ufw. I tried to sftp into a clear linux server that I have, but the connection was refused (both my host and the cl-server is on the same network). I then decided to open the proper port when I realized I’m not 100% sure how to do so and didn’t find the answer in the documentation.

Any suggestions?


FOUND THE ANSWER thanks to user puneetse from IRC.

There is documentation HERE. I followed it and it has allowed me to sftp into my server on my internal network just fine.

I think this is a classical A-B problem :). Your title suggests that you are asking about firewalls, but, you want sftp working. Fortunately, you included that detail in your message.

Clear Linux has no firewall when you install it. By default, all ports are open. By default, only SSH is listening. SFTP uses the SSH transport mechanism, but, SFTP is disabled by default in clearlinux. man stateless explains how to enable it.