FTP server, anyone?

Hello Clear community,
I’d like to run an ftp server on my Clear Linux box. I didn’t find any bundle containing it. Should I compile from source (Pure-FTPd, vsftpd, or …?). Is there any cookbook available, or does anyone has experience and could give me some recommendations?

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Do you want it be accessible from WAN or just in LAN?
Because in the latter case you might not even need an FTP server. For example you can setup a WebDAV server.

You can use SFTP


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Way easier to setup and configure than the other options.

Thanks, but I’m afraid sftp won’t be the solution. I’m trying to connect a webcam that is only capable of exporting its images via ftp.
Both the cam and the linux box is in the same LAN, so no concerns about security here.

I haven’t seen a huge demand for FTP servers packaged in CL because of people advocating more secure protocols and SFTP/SCP providing most of the functionality people are looking for.

Since it sounds like your usage is pretty limited one idea could be to run a FTP server in a Docker container using one of the popular images on Docker Hub, like this one:


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My use case is indeed very limited and for personal use only, so I can live with that answer. I’ll try to compile ftp server software from source, and if this fails, I can try the Docker solution as you suggest.

I understand the concerns regarding security, though I think many legacy infrastructure still makes use of the (unsafe) ftp protocol.

Thanks again.