Options for Boot Recovery?


I try to learn which options we have in CL to fix failed boots.

I learned so far:

  • press space during boot (but I see no kernel choices, just CL message)
  • boot from CL USB stick (Live environment)

Are there more things we can do ?

When the system hangs with SHA256 message, can we still force console mode to fix things ?

Hi there. If you hit the space bar it will show you all the kernels you have loaded on the system. If you had installed the kernel-lts2018 bundle you would see something like “Clear Linux OS (Clear-linux-native-4.19.66-70)” You can hit the “e” button if you want to edit the kernel boot parameters. For example, you could add systemd.unit=rescue.target to the boot and that lets you boot into a recovery mode. Booting the live image is the other way I know which you already mentioned.