Phoronix - Clear Linux, Importance Of Software Optimizations


It was about time for some new Phoronix benchmark!

The results are still impressive :

Copied your link to the CL Benchmark thread :wink:

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Just a note to say that Michael at Phoronix put me onto Clear Linux years ago. Many say that they can make any of their favorite distros run just as fast as CL by making the same optimizations themselves, but from a Phoronix POV, he tests out of box, or out of box plus git to look for regressions or improvements. What amazes people is how well it does overall. I remember an engineer at AMD being asked which Linux best exploited the Epyc CPU, he said that’s easy, Intel Clear Linux. The best compliment you can get is from your rival. Kudos to the CL team for keeping up with the performance growth and exploiting modern x86 CPU’s. You raise the bar for everyone.