Remmina no longer loads RDP plugin

Recently, Remmina RDP fails with this error message (see below screenshot). This may have something to do with FreeRDP, I guess. (And yes, I did explicitly install the FreeRDP bundle. Could it be that Remmina is actually looking for the older FreeRDP 2.x?)

Any thoughts, @arjan?

Screenshot from 2024-02-16 23-17-57

FreeRDP has been a bit of a pain for us lately – someone asked us to update to the latest (which makes sense from security angle etc)… but it greatly broke compatibility including with Remmina which is hosted in the FreeRDP github so it even broke itself to some extend

We’ll track to see how this develops and hope to get this fixed asap but somehow this part of the world is a bit of a mess

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Yeah, that someone was me. :blush:

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So, here’s what Remmina devs say about this: Remmina no longer loading RDP protocol plugin (#3071) · Issues · Remmina / Remmina · GitLab