Rollback update

If the update has a problem, how do you rollback?

Clear Linux is designed to be a rolling release distribution: always looking forward, not backward. The CL team will not release a Clear Linux update that has a known build issue found during validation and it won’t complete a system update that fails during the update process on your system. If for some reason a file that is part of the release gets corrupted or modified while running your current version, you can use the swupd command to repair the content of your current release using the command:

swupd verify --fix

If you look at the man page for swupd, in the verify SUBCOMMANDS text, it states:

Perform system software installation verification. The program will obtain all the manifests needed from version url and content url to establish whether the system software is correctly installed and not overwritten, modified, missing or otherwise incorrect (permissions, etc.).

If you include the --fix parameter along with the verify subcommand it will automatically correct any issues found, otherwise it will just list the files that are different than how they are specified in the manifest.


Thanks for the info!