Safe install alongside Mac OS X?

I am trying to do a bare metal install an a late(2011) model Macbook pro. I am using rEFInd.
I am able to get to the installation screen but it will not allow me to choose safe install.
I have created a separate partition on my hard drive(300GB) for the install, I am not sure why the installation program is not seeing it as free space to install itself. Has anyone else tried this?

Try giving it unpartitioned space, instead of an existing (empty) partition.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have not found a way in OS X to “create” unpartitioned space on the drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am running High Sierra and it seems that when you delete a partition it expands the larger partition to occupy that space. I am sure there is a to create unallocated free space but I have yet to find it.

With the Live booting image, you can open a root shell and use (e.g.) cfdisk to remove the unused partition.

thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

Hi @kfrank. I don’t know how far you reached using rEFInd. I want to offer you another alternative, running Clear Linux OS in Parallels, for which @kdale just created a new PR. It’s pretty neat.

Thanks that worked :slight_smile:
What I did was
1, create a (CL)partition on my HD using Mac disk utility
2. booted my mac from the USB drive containing the CL installer
3. got to a root shell ran cfdisk
4. deleted the (CL partition)
5. that successfully created the “free space” I needed so that safe installation was enabled in the installer.
6. Proceeded to do a safe install alongside MAC OS X successfully.
Thank you again for your help.