Screen location (desktop) (solved)

How do i relocate my screens, the moment i use displays to relocate my installation will become unresponsive.

Settings->Display is not working to arrange the screens.

By deplugging my screens i can successfully allocate my main screen to the one i wish to have on the right side.

When deploying more then two screens it is not working at all.

I want screen 3 on the right screen 1 in the middle and screen 2 on the left, whenever i press apply it will fail. I even tried to guess all possible pop-up renders of gnome with t Settings->Display is not working to arrange the screens.ab, arrow keys and enter. It did not work beyond 2 monitors.

If clear linux want also to be used on desktop this kind of issues should not be a problem anymore in my opinion. We can set it config wise but this kind of things need to work with the GUI.


before people ask;
installed on bare metal running:
32gb ddr4 3200mhz
2x 1tb nvme samsung 970 evo
2x nvidia GeForce 1080ti 11gb

– EDIT 2 –
I would like to tell that somehow i messed something up with the proprietary driver install. Removing and reinstalling the driver did the fix. It is working like a charm now.

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You’re using an NVidia card. Things are… very complex. Please check the other threads about this. With Intel GFX or the open source driver this works OK in my experience, but I’ve seen others complain about issues with multi-display support using the NVIdia GPU/drivers as well.

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Thank you for the response.